Food can be fun, pleasurable, satisfying, a source of connection, and life sustaining.  However, if you’re here…then you, or someone you care about, is probably not feeling great about food.  In fact, you might be feeling confused, frustrated, anxious, afraid, or even guilty and ashamed..  You might even say that you have a love-hate relationship with food.  Our office specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating.  Or better said, helping people who feel just like you, overwhelmed with food.  Where food and thoughts about food, body, or exercise take up a large part of your day- or even- a large part of your life.   We’re here to help you enjoy food again and reclaim your life!

I will help you feel confident with your eating by combining the science of nutrition with the psychology of eating so that you can be free from food and body image thoughts to focus your energy on living the life you desire.

Sara Upson Registered Dietitian Nutritonist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist