Intuitive Eating

Are you tired of feeling like you’ve blown it with your diet day after day? Are you tired of saying I’ll start my diet tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes? Are you tired of the scale dictating your mood and what you can eat each day? Do you want to stop food cravings, get control of your eating, and feel confident in your body? We can help!

Intuitive Eating is a revolutionary program that helps you reconnect with your internal cues for hunger and fullness. It challenges the thoughts and beliefs you have around food and helps you establish a healthy relationship with food. It also helps you to understand how you use food (comfort, stress, boredom, tired, etc) so that food is used for nourishment. Essentially, food becomes just food. Food loses the power that it holds over you so that you can stop that love-hate relationship with food and simply eat to live.

Sara is Tyler’s first certified intuitive eating counselor and can help facilitate your process of changing how you think about food and what you eat to establish lasting freedom and peace.

You can read more about intuitive eating here.

You can take an intuitive eating assessment here.

In conjunction with intuitive eating, you may have also heard of mindful eating. Mindful eating is a philosophy often used within intuitive eating. Mindful eating is consuming food with the intention of being in the present moment and letting everything else go. You pay attention to what you eat and how it feels in your body. The goal of the mindful eater is to be: aware, in the moment, accepting, nonjudgmental, observant, compassionate, and able to let it go. We can help you develop the necessary tools to be a mindful and intuitive eater.  And probably even more important than that- we can help you enjoy food again…where it’s only taking up part of your life, but not the whole thing.