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The holidays are fun- but they’re also stressful.  There’s a lot going on- increased parties/events, food, food pressure, special food, diet talk, body comments, travel, family triggers, diet commercials, new years, family, gift giving, budgeting, etc. whew, It’s a lot!   Because the holidays are stressful it can often lead to increased thoughts, urges and behaviors. Usually when […]

If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?  Do you remember you mom saying that to you also? It used to make me so annoyed- but now that I’m older and wiser I can see the wisdom behind it.  Even though, part of me still feels annoyed! Diet culture has become the cliff that everyone’s jumped […]

“The thing I hate most about this time of year is walking into every store and the first thing that you see is a huge display of Halloween candy,”said my client. It’s a common theme that I hear from clients.  On one hand- you really want to be able to enjoy candy, to eat it without […]

I took my daughter to see a plastic surgeon.  That sounds like a shameful secret confession, but it’s not! She was six months old and was born with a few skin tags on her face that needed to be removed.  We consulted with several different doctors about removal and a plastic surgeon was one of them.  (They didn’t […]

Clarifying Truths about what Health At Every Size® Is and Isn’t. I’ve always found it so frustrating when people played an air flute backwards.  It’s seriously not that confusing and the flute always goes to the right.  I did my bachelors degree in music and I played the flute, so when someone does the air flute backwards […]

Weight stigma is defined as negative thoughts, attitudes, devaluation and social rejection of a person because their body shape or size doesn’t comply with the cultural norms (from diet culture) about what a body “should” look like. Weight stigma also includes: stereotypes about people who live in larger bodies, bullying and teasing, nasty comments, being […]

Our culture (diet culture) makes food and eating so stressful!  Diet culture has strict rules about what you should eat, but those rules are always changing. When you try to follow the rules from diet culture, it’s a guaranteed way to feel more stress, anxiety, guilt and shame around food.  To truly feel at peace […]

I’m not sure there’s a macronutrient with a worse reputation than carbs.  Diet culture has labeled carbs as the root of all evil, the epitome of all illness, the thing that is going to make or break your health.  Heck, even your life! The fear mongering around carbs is out of control! It’s unnecessary, and it couldn’t be […]

Several years ago I was at an eating disorder conference where one of the presenters showed a video clip from Oprah about a very young girl (I think 5 -6 years old) who had anorexia nervosa.  They interviewed the mom in the video and she repeatedly stated that she had no idea where the daughter […]

Have you seen Weight Watchers latest marketing gimmick in the news?  If not, let me update you- weight watchers recently announced that they will offer free membership to teens over the summer. I know on the surface this may appear to be a kind and generous thing that they’re doing to help teens, but please don’t […]

You cannot tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say “That person is fine. She’s not skinny enough to be sick.” Or even a clinician who says, “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder.” {Insert face palm, mega […]

My daughter loves Curious George- she had a Curious George birthday party, was George for Halloween and loves the show. As a result I’ve seen every episode + movie multiple, multiple times. Sometimes he’s annoying, but that little monkey has a lot of wisdom to offer too…even when it comes to food, nutrition and diet […]

Several weeks ago a colleague of a colleague asked me to look at a “diet plan” and see if it was something that I’d recommend. It’s not uncommon that someone asks my opinion on different “ways of eating” to see if it aligns with a behaviors based, non-diet, intuitive eating approach. In this case, the […]

It’s that time of the year when everyone is talking about the New Year- setting resolutions, making plans and goals. I bet you wouldn’t have to think very hard to guess what the number one new years resolution is (it makes me cringe)…of course- get healthy/weight loss/new me. I lump them all together because really […]

The holidays are upon us and with all the events and overwhelm this can be a difficult time of year for anyone struggling with their eating. It takes what is supposed to be joyous time and turns it into one filled with dread and anxiety.   If you’d like to have less dread and more joy […]

People think that the holidays cause weight gain, but what if I told you it wasn’t true? I know you can find some study somewhere that says people gain weight over the holidays- but that’s correlation not causation. The holidays don’t cause weight gain. What does? Dieting and future perceived deprivation, such as a New […]

When you think about going to see a dietitian or nutritionist, what comes to mind? Most people think of scales and weighing, diets, diet food, meal plans, measuring, a focus on weight, and a gamut of emotions- excitement, hope, failure, disappointment, frustration, shame…   That isn’t what I do.* As a result, sometimes when people […]

  This may seem like a confession, but it isn’t- I’m a dietitian and I love candy. Well I loved candy, now I would say I just like it. And the only reason this relationship has really changed from love to like is because I can have candy whenever I want it. Turns out when […]

This is a blog written by Ellen Fariley, a dietetic intern in the coordinated program at Stephen F. Austin State University.  She completed a rotation with me to learn more about being an eating disorder dietitian.  Here is what she had to say:   The experience of shadowing an Eating Disorder dietician was eye-opening. I will […]

Do you think it’s unusual to trust your body, or more specifically, how about when it comes to eating? Do you eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and generally eat what you’re hungry for?   A couple weeks ago on facebook I was sharing information about the Intuitive Eating Group starting in September […]