Yes, Hunger Will Do That To You!

July 13th, 2014 by Sara Upson

You’ve probably heard of hangry by now, you know…when you’re so hungry you become angry…where you end up snapping at friends and family and biting someone’s head off because you really need a snack or meal.  Did you know that hangry is not the only emotional response of hunger?

It’s not!  Hunger can certainly make you angry but it can also make you moody, irritated, upset, argumentative, rageful, and emotional!  You might be going about your day, miss a meal or a snack, and then all of a sudden you feel annoyed by little things that normally wouldn’t bother you.  Maybe you even end up tearful or upset by some little thing.  Maybe you’re yelling at the car in front of you when they cut you off or your dry cleanings not in and you get really upset.  All of these things (plus many more) can actually be signs of hunger.


Hunger affects us in different ways, however if you pay attention you will notice that it builds over time.  It’s not instantaneous; it grows.  It’s typically slower to progress and you have some time to react to it- to get food, to plan a meal, to start cooking, whatever it takes.  However, if you keep ignoring hunger the symptoms will keep growing until they progress from a light or moderate hunger to a starving and ravenous hunger!  By the time you are feeling hangry, hungerritated, hungermotional, hungset, hungrage, or any other hunger related emotion you have significantly passed a light to moderate hunger and are moving into the no man’s land of hunger.  To avoid all of those negative hunger side effects (and I didn’t even get into the physical ones) you have to eat consistently throughout the day!  You need to have meals and snacks and you will either need to plan ahead, take food with you, or be able to stop as needed to that you can continue be your normal, happy, level-headed, rational self.  Your friends, families, and co-workers will all thank you.

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