Category: Weight Stigma

Every year the last week of February is national eating disorder awareness week.  Somehow, I’m often giving a presentation during this week (but not this year).  When I ask the audience if they know that it’s national eating disorder awareness week most people don’t- and sometimes it’s even at eating disorder specific events.  Everything has a week these […]

I’ve been dreading the month of February since September, when my 5 year old started kindergarten.   At her school, February is the month where the curriculum centers around food and nutrition education. Last year’s nutrition curriculum was awful.   One day, when my daughter was in the pre-k class, I just happened to take her to class […]

Clarifying Truths about what Health At Every Size® Is and Isn’t. I’ve always found it so frustrating when people played an air flute backwards.  It’s seriously not that confusing and the flute always goes to the right.  I did my bachelors degree in music and I played the flute, so when someone does the air flute backwards […]

Weight stigma is defined as negative thoughts, attitudes, devaluation and social rejection of a person because their body shape or size doesn’t comply with the cultural norms (from diet culture) about what a body “should” look like. Weight stigma also includes: stereotypes about people who live in larger bodies, bullying and teasing, nasty comments, being […]