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“I want to eat to live, not live to eat” is a statement I hear so often from new clients.  And while on the surface that might seem like a good thing- it’s 100% diet culture.  Food is so much more than just fuel for your body.  Yes, food provides sustenance and nourishment, but food is also joy, pleasure, […]

With 2020 just over a week away it’s the time of year where everyone starts thinking about how next year will be different.  About what they’ll do differently and how it will be an all new year and an even an all new you. Diet culture really reinforces this belief by saying that you should recreate […]

Imagine if it was your funeral and you got to watch or listen in…what would you want people to say about you?  Take a second and think about it.  How would you want to be remembered?  If you have a minute- jot your answer down. I highly doubt that being thin, your body size, 6 pack abs or […]

“The thing I hate most about this time of year is walking into every store and the first thing that you see is a huge display of Halloween candy,”said my client. It’s a common theme that I hear from clients.  On one hand- you really want to be able to enjoy candy, to eat it without […]