I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see Sara for my eating disorder. I was so trapped with fear of gaining weight for over ten years that I was desperate for help. With help from Sara I have over come that fear and I am now so free I can enjoy life. My kids have even made comments that they are happy that I seem happier now, that we can eat anything, and just enjoy life. My husband and I have such a better relationship now because I am not so stressed about eating and I am more comfortable around him. I have been able to gain love and respect for myself. Sara has helped me learn to love my body and myself the way I am. Honestly I am just so grateful to God for leading me to Sara. Its a day by day process but I continue to put one foot in front of the other with hope. -Stephanie Lindale, Texas
At 71 and a diabetic, I thought I would just see Sara, and that she would tell me how to eat. I was wrong. I found I had an eating disorder; one that I had been trying to over come for 60 years. Sara, helped me realize this and we spent time working on my binge eating. For the first time, I realized I can eat until I am feeling sated, then stop. I can have more. I don’t have to binge, I can have more. My blood sugars are stable. My eating is stable. My cravings have gone away. She is a miracle worker and helped me at a time I needed help the most. -Anonymous Mineloa, Texas
I would like to thank Sara at My Signature Nutrition for all of her information and advice. I was recently diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. I decided that I needed to make some serious changes in my diet in order to control and hopefully reverse the effects of being diabetic. I followed her advice on nutrition and I was able to drop my blood glucose from 166 mg/dl to 83 mg/dl and my A1c went from 6.4% to 5.7% in a span of three months. Needless to say my physician is very pleased with my results. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their health and nutrition. -Paul B Palestine, Texas
As a young woman recovering from an eating disorder, I stumbled into the office of My Signature Nutrition as a suggested component to my possible treatment options. Little did I know that stepping into Sara Upson's office was like being supplied with wood to mend the damaged bridge between myself and my relationship with food. From obesity to becoming severely underweight, individual sessions paired with free weekly group therapy began to reveal how morphed my body and self image were due to external pressure from the vast diet industry as well as others' ideas of what is "healthy" and what is "unhealthy". However morphed I realized my views were, I was assured I was not damaged, and My Signature Nutrition supplied me with an infinite supply of hope for recovery by allowing me to reconnect with my hunger and fullness levels and begin listening to my body again. With the assistance of my dietician, I began to realize that diets do nothing but fill an individual with a looming sense of inferiority and a desire to posses an idealistic physical appearance. In individual sessions, I've been educated that there are no "good" or "bad" foods, and no one food will make a person gain weight. A healthy eating plan consists of a variety of foods consumed in a balanced manner, in which one is able to trust their body, including their cravings and satiety signals. Though recovery is a process, My Signature Nutrition has encouraged me to stay mindful and experience the journey with insurmountable support and compassion from a local team of individuals in group therapy. In a community with limited resources for eating disorders, Sara Upson has begun to pave the way toward awareness of these diseases as well as a safe haven to support recovery. Although I'm still pursuing outpatient treatment, I have no doubt recovery is in my future, and the aid of My Signature Nutrition has unwound recovery as a process in which I've learned more about myself than I would've ever imagined possible. -Anonymous Tyler, Texas
Thanks for doing the group. It was great and really gave me some things to think about. I really like how you are working to make a difference in Tyler by bringing a new perspective and offering what you do! Thanks! -Anonymous Tyler, Texas
In a town lacking resources for eating disorders Sara offers the hope and support Tyler has needed for a long time. What a blessing! -Anonymous Whitehouse, Texas