Are you looking to eat healthier, feel better, and live the life of your dreams, but confused on where to start? Do you worry about health concerns that run in your family, know that you need to make change, but are struggling to get started? Maybe you have even started (once or several times), but weren’t able to maintain the changes. Are you suffering from nutrition overload- you’ve read so many books or articles that now everything is confusing and you don’t know what to do? If so then we can help!

We can help you sort through the nutrition chaos to separate fact from fiction and learn what is best for you. We will provide you with nutrition education to get you started and help you with any barriers that get in your way. In fact, we specialize in food behaviors (not just what you eat, but why you do what you do with food) and can help you get to the root of what gets in your way- why you can’t have just one cookie, leave food on your plate, or forget about that ice cream in the freezer that is calling your name especially knowing that your mom had a heart attack at age 60 and you shouldn’t be eating it (or whatever it is that you’re telling yourself and beating yourself up over). Let us help you make lasting freedom from food, feel better, and start your path to wellness now!