My Signature Nutrition offers a variety of ongoing eating disorder recovery and nutrition related support groups that rotate throughout the year. These groups have a limited enrollment time and will be closed once they reach capacity or once the group starts. If you are interested in joining us for group to help support your recovery process, please contact our office at 903-312-8906 or ask us at your next appointment. Group support has shown to be extremely beneficial while working to heal your relationship with food. In addition to participating in the weekly group you will also be invited to join a private facebook page for your group that provides ongoing support!

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group *FULL (Contact our office To Join the Waitlist)
Our eating disorder recovery support group is a recovery-focused group that is co lead by a dietitian and a therapist. This group provides accountability and support in the recovery process and is used in conjunction with regular nutrition and therapy appointments. This group is open to individuals in the community who work with other treatment providers, however an assessment is required to determine appropriateness for the group.

BodyGuard: Defense Against Diet Culture 
Cut through the nutrition chaos of our disordered culture and learn to stop diet culture in its tracks! This group is for you if you’re frustrated with everyone around you reinforcing disordered thoughts and behaviors while you’re trying to improve your relationship with food. This group a 10 week online/virtual group to help provide truth around nutrition and support you against diet culture.  It reinforces all of the work that you’re doing to improve your relationship with food- whether that is recovering from an eating disorder or recovering from years of chronic dieting.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Support Group
Our Binge Eating Disorder Support group is specifically geared towards professional women who struggle with out of control eating. The women in this group are high achieving, successful women who feel like they have it all together except for their eating.

Intuitive Eating Group (Now Enrolling for Fall 2019)
Our Intuitive Eating Group is for you if you are ready to break free from dieting and heal your relationship with food. This group is incredibly helpful for anyone working the intuitive eating process to know that you are not alone and to counter the diet and weight focused talk that is so prevalent in our culture. Sometimes it seems that everyone else around you is on a diet, obsessed with food, or wants to talk to you about what they are eating. When you’re working the intuitive eating process, this can be extremely difficult. This group offers a safe space for a community of support.

Small Group Nutrition Therapy
Small Group Nutrition Therapy is nutrition counseling completed with specific small groups to create a healthy relationship with food and your body. It is a safe place to bring in nutrition questions or concerns that you hear from the media, leaders, peers, or co-workers. This group provides support and accountability.
If you are interested in this group please let us know as we will pair you with others at a similar place in life who struggle with similar concerns. We also offer this group for friends, family, worksites, or bible study groups. If you are interested in this group for a small group that you have compiled, please contact our office.


At this time we are no longer offering our free eating disorder support group, however we are offering a wide variety of closed support groups with additional support options.

Please contact contact our office (903)312-8906 to be learn more about group. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email

**Please note that all groups are closed and not open to student observation.